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Sonia Soleimani
Sonia Soleimani

Sonia Soleimani is an expert negotiator and an outstanding salesperson at heart, and this since her early childhood! At a very young age, Sonia's first interest in real estate had been brought to light by her fathers career as a general contractor, allowing her to truly discover her passion. She is no stranger to hard work and holds a strong passion for serving her clients to the best of her ability, always answering their questions and going above and beyond to find practical solutions that work best for them.

Her clients are like her family, and she is there to guide them every step of the way by being their biggest supporter and strongest advocate.



With her 5 years of experience and her passion for the satisfaction of her clients, Sonia Soleimani is able to transport your real estate goals and dreams into a most peaceful journey. Offering her clients access to a large database consisting of professional, reputable and reliable resources at their disposal before, during and even after the completion of a transaction.

Preventing all the turbulence that may arise from a real estate transaction, you will feel confident and in peace of mind. With her wealth of knowledge and skills, you will be informed throughout the process until the outcome of your transaction.

Keeping her clients best interest at heart is what Sonia aims to achieve for their success.

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Through her interpersonal skills, her determination, her patience and understanding, Sonia Soleimani creates beautiful relationships of trust with all her clients. She will know how to understand you both in terms of your thoughts and your feelings in order to guide you towards what is most beneficial for you.

She assures each of her past, present and future clients the knowledge, support and opportunity to experience a thorough and efficient service.





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